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Corl-Grove Servcices, Inc. and the St Mary’s (PA) School District

Corl-Grove Services has worked with the PTAC on several things to include, COSTARS contract award, capabilities statement, marketing to local government agencies, sources sought notices, bidding on contracts, and matchmaking with potential buyers.  Recently, that matchmaking paid off!

Here is Michael's description of what took place:

"I met [him] at the [matchmaking] event.  He is the Assistant Superintendent of St. Mary's Area School District (SMASD).  We talked about training staff and students and having instructors trained, and we stopped communicating back in August [of 2015].  He called me yesterday, apparently he tried to work out a training for his staff for this coming Monday, Janury 18, 2016 with the local ambulance service, they called him Friday and backed out!  So he called to see if I could either save them or do it a different date."

The Southern Alleghenies and North Central PTACs assisted Michael by having him attend a Matchmaking event at Clarion University (Clarion, PA) in late 2015.  As stated above, he met with the SMASD buyer who was impacted by Michael's presentation and decided to use hime when his incumbent vendor backed out.  Interestingly, Michael has an agreement in place to continue this training in the coming years.