Trade Shows/Missions & Educational Events

SAP&DC provides access to trade shows, trade missions, educational seminars and partner events through the partnership with the Pennsylvania Center for Trade Development, the PA Regional Export Network and local partners.

Each year, the Pennsylvania Center for Trade Development organizes international trade missions and trade shows around the world.  Participating in an international event allows companies to meet face-to-face with international business prospects. During the events, businesses may schedule individual appointments to discuss specific company’s needs and receive in-country assistance.

SAP&DC and export partners also host a variety of educational seminars throughout the year to offer local businesses the opportunity to enhance export knowledge and receive current information about export regulations.  

Trade Show Documents

  • Advanced International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Seminar
    Last updated: January 24 2019

    A specially designed one-day program for those with substantive experience in dealing with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). This advanced seminar is designed for export compliance officers and ITA “empowered officials,” international contracting specialists, contract managers and administrators, program and project managers, marketing professionals, legal advisors, and others involved in the international defense marketplace and ITAR compliance.

  • IP (Intellectual Property) Basics for Business Owners
    Last updated: January 24 2019

    Intellectual Property (or sometimes just referred to as IP) is often one of the more misunderstood aspects of the law by business owners. Shawn Leppo, Co-Chair of the Intellectual Property Group of McNees Wallace & Nurick, will provide an overview of the four primary types of Intellectual Property, what each of them protects, what you can expect they might cost to obtain and defend, and how a combined portfolio of all four can help protect and grow your business, along with helping you identify potential risks of stepping into the minefield of someone else’s IP.

  • Appalachia USA Trade Mission to South Africa, Tanzania & Kenya
    Last updated: October 26 2018

    The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) invites qualified Appalachian firms to participate in a Trade Mission to South Africa, Tanzania & Kenya, key mining markets! Meeting potential partners face-to-face is crucial to your business expansion internationally. This trade mission gives you access to three key mining markets in two core regions of sub-Saharan Africa in one trip! Let us connect you with the right partners and buyers!

  • Appalachia USA MINExpo 2016 Exhibitors Guide
    Last updated: September 27 2016