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Treasures of the Earth Ltd (Somerset)

Treasures is a wholesaler and retailer of fossils, mineral specimens, petrified wood, fossil replicas, cultural artifacts, and other decorative products.  Owners Michael and Barbara Sincak and four employees recently traveled to Japan for the 2010 Tokyo Minerals Show. The company’s exhibit featured over 10 tons of artifacts and staff conducted over 40 prearranged one-on-one business meetings with customers from throughout Asia.  The company’s $10,000+ investment in this show was partially defrayed with a $3,000 MAG award.  Mr. Sincak was introduced to the state’s program from a referral thorough Congressman Mark Critz’s

Office. The company is working with the ATRs in Japan, Shanghai, and Germany to advance their business objectives abroad.  International projects with Taiwan and Spain are of strategic focus for the company and will be pursued in the months ahead.


Michael Sincak, President, Treasures of the Earth comments: “The Market Access Grant was a critical funding source for this important international event.  The grant money enabled us to establish a more thorough presence at the event and empowered us to make a greater impact at the show.  It is so refreshing to see a program, offered through the state that is supportive of our business objectives and specific needs as a smaller exporting company.”